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Project Freight Forwarding – PROJECT FREIGHT FORWARDING

Integrated Service Solutions (ISS) with a unique forwarding service with its high-powered logistics network in home and abroad eases to remove borders on the subject of large-scale freighting of project freight service deemed to be non-standard. Within project freight forwarding service, we deliver out of gauge, heavy and bulky cargos with the safest way to the requested address.

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Unlimited Service by Powerful and Spread Agency Network

Integrated Service Solutions (ISS), one of the leading companies in the world, provides forwarding your products to the delivery ports through expert cargo and logistics teams with its international ocean freight forwarding service. Our company offering appropriate storage methods for delivered products takes an active role in keeping them securely.


Integrated Service Solutions (ISS) offering a global service of door-to-door freight forwarding provides 360 degrees and turnkey solutions on the subject of freighting bulky cargos in industrial areas from route examinations to feasibility and consulting services. We provide service of project cargo freighting with our expert, high educated and experienced team since freightage of large-scale freights without any damage and on time has maximum importance in terms of costs.

We provide devoted and cautious service with a professional team as well as special equipment supports in this tough league and manage all projects for sustainable success by planning in depth. Thanks to this management, large-scale industrial projects are forwarded to specified destinations on time by using ocean, air, or road transportation services one by one or combined. We provide service of transport insurance for secure freighting of loads, and fulfill our mission with full and complete service through our powerful and spread agency network.


With the “Global Forwarding” tagline, as being Integrated Service Solutions (ISS), we provide the best quality service to our partners in project freight forwarding as well as other services such as road transport, air and ocean freight forwarding. In line with these services, we develop flexible, innovative, and creative solutions customized for projects, companies, institutions, or organizations. We provide hassle-free freight forwarding service thanks to its team being aware of international regulations and current policies of freight forwarding. We also do not place behind following global technological innovations in the field of project freight forwarding.

With its extensive logistical network, expert labor force, and modern background and equipment, our company carrying out freight forwarding service with the best course of tools customized for the project creates a difference in competition through its powerful potentialities. Our company offering service for 7/24 receives appreciation for its successful domestic and abroad freight forwarding of industrial projects such as heavy machinery, boiler, exhibition, construction site, plant, and refinery.

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Professional Service in Project Freight Forwarding

Before the transport period, vehicles should be selected in compliance with the forwarding process in project freight forwarding. For this, various elements such as vehicle surfaces touching loads, its durability, and mobilization easiness are assessed in advance. Vehicles used in this field have appropriate characteristics of extension, elongation, and load weight. It is paid attention to distribute the freights evenly on the foot and surface of the vehicle.

In industrial project freight forwarding, you can get professional service in the following subjects:

  • Multi-modal transport solutions complying with load’s nature and its sizes
  • Logistical planning based on the project
  • Affreightment partially or solely
  • Road survey working, route profiling and reporting
  • Certificated load fixing
  • Packaging / crating for special loads
  • Factory transportation including installation / uninstallation
  • Operations for field-loading and unloading
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Integrated Service Solutions (ISS), which gains an appreciation for not only work and service period but also advantageous price offers, extends its customer portfolio with its reliable solutions offered in project freight forwarding. If you demand freight forwarding for non-standard massive loads from a professional company, you can ask for information and support from our expert team.

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