Integrated Transport

November 16, 2020
ISS Global

Increasing costs in the transportation sector, speed, increasing competition conditions and high expectations of customers led the sector to improve new business models. Increasing competition in trade, improvements in international highways and transit roads made it necessary to carry out many services all together in supply and product processes. The integrated transportation method, which also includes logistics processes, re-established the sector with cost advantages and customer satisfaction. Thanks to the rapid development of information technologies, production can now be carried out anywhere by means of mass production. However, issues such as transportation, storage, customs clearance, and insurance in the point of procurement, which is one of the important components of marketing, gain importance.

Integrated transportation enables products to be transported with the integration between transportation modes such as road, air, ocean and rail. However, the integration of different transport modes is not sufficient for the success of an integrated transport service. The whole of logistics services such as raw material procurement, product transportation, storage, packaging and re-distribution are considered within this concept. The execution of processes such as storing the product where it is transported, forwarding it by repackaging to different destinations within an organization network in connection with customer demands highlights integrated transportation. Thus, the product is packaged in compliance with market conditions after the transportation process is carried out and stored for distribution at a later date.

How is Integrated Freight Transport Performed?

The process of delivering commercial products from suppliers to final consumers at minimum costs forms an important component of marketing activities. The delivery of products or raw materials produced in any corner of the globe brings advantages such as both saving on time and cost reduction with integrated freight transport service. In integrated transport, transportation costs are minimized by integratedly using one or two of transportation modes such as road, ocean, air or rail. In integrated transport, it is possible to be carried out that freight received by road transport continues on its transportation by shipping and after it enters the port, it is distributed by road transport.

In integrated transport method, especially by means of RO-RO transport, vehicles cover thousands of nautical miles without even turning the wheel on the ship, which significantly reduces costs. In this highly advantageous method, the cargoes carried with vehicles on the ships provide saving on time thanks to its transportation from the ports to the transshipment point.

Which Processes Does Integrated Logistics Services Include?

Keeping the production costs of products low is not sufficient for success in competitive markets. A successful production and marketing chain is directly proportional to the success of integrated transport as well as the integrated logistics organization. In this system combining productivity with low costs, there is a regular organizational composition between suppliers, customers and service providers. The processes passing until the product is received from the manufacturer and delivered to the final consumer, and transporting, performing customs clearance, storing, conducting distribution products by repackaging require a harmonious collaboration.

The processes like buying bread or newspapers in daily life as a consumer means the result of the integrated logistics chain, which provides products to be delivered to your home. In integrated logistics, only procurement support or transport is not enough. It also provides that the product is stored when necessary, kept in certain periods, and then packed and started distributing to the desired routes.

Integrated transport requires different organizations such as international customs clearance. During the export and import process at customs checkpoints, fast execution of transactions ensures customer satisfaction thanks to an integrated transport organization. Thus, carrying on the product and supply chain without delaying means cost and saving on time. Informing the customer of import and export transactions in free zones provides to follow the process. Professionally informing customers, notifying their rights regarding customs clearance related to import and export operations are always possible thanks to the integrated transportation service.

As a consequence of operations carried out by logistics companies which know how to handle processes at customs checkpoints, processes of shipment and delivery of products can be performed quickly. Integrated logistics services bring customer satisfaction to higher levels by performing many different operations such as purchasing, storage, customs clearance, handling, packaging, transportation within a wide scope. Companies operating in the logistics sector in integrated transport generate unique solutions for customized needs, demands and production characteristics of the customers. Sometimes it may be necessary to provide special conditions such as hygiene during shipping/transporting and storing the shipped/transported products. Such expectations of customers are carried out by expert teams and experienced companies succeeding successful organizations. Thanks to professional and expert integrated logistics companies, it is provided both saving on time and cost in the production process, and the workload of companies receiving this service is reduced owing to flexible solutions with customer-oriented.

What are the Advantages of Integrated Transport?

It is not a sufficient element for a product to be highly valuable and quality. Being widespread and accessible marketing for a product obtained shall provide advantages in terms of marketing. The strong marketing network that the final consumer can find on shelves or at their door is possible thanks to integrated transportation where many logistics activities are carried out together. Carrying out elements such as handling, transportation, customs clearance, insurance, storage, packaging and distribution together and in coordination before the products are transported from one place to another also allows the reduction of costs. The transportation of a product received from the plant to different corners of the world with appropriate transport modes and then immediate distribution will reduce storage costs as well. Moreover, transportation of products by their qualification and providing hygiene and storage conditions with the same cautiousness are possible thanks to integrated transport.

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